Friday, 30 January 2015

"The Photograph As Contemporary Art" Presented in Rose Gallery's South Gallery Until 7th March

I am very, very pleased to announce that my series, "The Photography As Contemporary Art" is yet again seeing the glistering sunlight of California, as it is presented in Rose Gallery's South Gallery until the 7th March 2015! I am honoured to be exhibiting at Rose Gallery once more, and with the main space showing Ken Kitano's "Now, Here and Beyond" it is surely going to be a great time to see the works.

With so much going on in LA this week, it is a fantastic time to have the works exhibited, as the LA Book Fair opens, don't forget to see Morel Books and their publications as well as ALAC, with a fantastic array of exhibitors, it's certainly a good time to be in LA!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Installation Shots From "Rein Que Pour Vos Yeux/For Your Eyes Only" At Rose Gallery.

What a wonderful way to finish a year and start another, than exhibiting at the wonderful Rose Gallery in Santa Monica, LA. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the show, "Rein Que Pour Vos Yeux/For Your Eyes Only" which opened in December and closed earlier this month. Exhibiting works from the series, "The Photograph As Contemporary Art" here are some installation shots from the show.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Talks, Lectures & Workshops in 2015...

2015 commences and what a few weeks it has been already, planning and preparing for many events in the first few months of this year! I can't quite believe that we are two weeks into January, the time goes so fast! So what better way to start the talks off this year than one that really is in the digital age - a Skype Lecture to students in New York, at the Syracuse University. As my face was projected into the classroom, we had a lively discussion about the role of the Book in contemporary photography, with specific personal case studies. Hosted by the wonderful Doug Dubois, it was an excellent way to teach over the water and engage with American students. 

The last few months I have visited a fair few UK based Universities, talking about my practice, including Falmouth, Camberwell, Portsmouth and I am very pleased to say that this continues into this year as I talk at the University of Creative Arts in Rochester in March. I am also very excited to say that my workshops continue into this year, as I take part in two in March at the new Shift School of Photography in Dresden, Germany. 

I very pleased to announce that I shall we presenting at the Royal Photographic Society's Anunal weekend lecture series, run by the Contemporary Group of RPS entitled, "Concerning Photography" other speakers include Melanie Manchot, Paul Reas, Zelda Cheatle, Chris Coekin, Peter Mitchell and Liz Hingley. Held at the Sheffield Hallum University, it is going to be an excellent weekend event.

More news and information on all events can be found here: 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Notable Books Of 2014 - "If We Were At The Oscars..."

Firstly, a very, very Happy New Year! 2014 has been and gone, and what a year it was for many. It was a nice surprise to end the year, seeing that my last publication, the collaboration with Self Publish Be Happy Editions, "SPBH Book Club Volume VI" was selected as 1 of the notable books of 2014 on Cuatro Cuerpos along with some very special artists and books including, Moriyama, Cartier-Bresson, Timothy Prus, Archive of Modern Conflict, Yukihito Kono, Yokota and many more. Here's what they said about our book.

"If we were at the Oscars, we would have to have a prize for best special effects. There would be many contenders, but the prize would certainly go to Melinda Gibson’s SPBH Book Club VI, published by SPBH Editions. Her studio burned down, but instead of trying to save her work she taped large format negatives to the wall and left them there to endure the fire and the water. Out of the ruins Gibson made a book that she smokes and seals in a plastic bag. When read, the scent of burnt wood envelops the reader turning the act of reading into a synesthetic experience."

See more of the notable books here:

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

" A Book Connecting You Even More Intensely To The Incident And Puts You Literally On Scene."

Before the year is out, the last work post! I am very pleased to see another Review of my last book, SPBH Book Club Volume VI from the wonderful Josef Chladek, and here is what he has to say about it...

"I have quite a number of old books, over the years you learn to distinguish between the different smells and their sources (damp, too much sun, smoking, ...), and it's like with some people - there are ones you can't stand and you stay away from them, others you return to just to get your mind going and "smell" the history. I realized that when I first heard and read about Melinda Gibson's new book - an investigation on what happened to her studio after it was heavily damaged by fire (and water). She documents that in this book (in strange, abstracted patterns and high contrast images) - but on top each and every book got smoked. What sounds like another (photo)book gimmick turns out to add a creepy and mystery note to the "object" of the book connecting you even more intensely to the incident and puts you literally on scene. Just afraid that it will loose the smell over years - love it!" Josef Chladek

See the book on Chladek's Photobook Self -

Friday, 12 December 2014

Photo-Eye's Best Books Of 2014 - Smokey Self Published Be Happy Books Make The List!

Before the year is out, comes a mass of lists and more lists that are compiled by industry professionals giving their take on the 'Best Book's' of the year. Among the numerous compilations, comes the predictable, the worthy, the exciting and the unknown, so I am very happy to say that I have made the cut for a second year with my latest publication, SPBH Book Club Volume VI! It seems all those hours of smoking paid off.

Colin Pantall selected my book in his 10 publications and had this to say about the work, very Pantall as ever. 

"There have been some great gimmicks in photobooks this year, and when those gimmicks tie in with a photobook's content and move the medium of the book forward, they are a good thing. They even get you on Best of Photobook lists! She plays great games with photobooks, making the viewer want to see her pictures and making them remember them when they are not there. A book in smell-o-rama; it may be a gimmick but, boy, does it work!" Colin Pantall.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

New Exhibition - REIN QUE POUR VOS YEUX Opens 13th December At Rose Gallery In LA

As the festivities get well on the way, I am very, very, very proud to have my last exhibition of 2014. My series, "The Photograph As Contemporary Art" is part of the holiday exhibition "RIEN QUE POUR VOS YEUX/ FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" at the wonderful Rose Gallery in LA!!!!

Proudly showing with some extraordinary artist, that include original works by, E.J Bellocq, Jo Ann Callis, James Gallagher, Mayumi Hosokura, Rinko Kawauchi, Christian Patterson, Steve Galloway, Mercedes Gertz, Leanna Hicks, Summer Mann and Arthur Tress. I am very excited indeed and it's a true pleasure to work with the team in LA.

What a great way to end this busy year, I think it's now time to celebrate!!!!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Christmas Homage - Limited Edition Cards

The last month has been rather eventful, so much has been happening, I have some what forgotten to update my blog, so I am back with a collection of new things this month - December has got very busy indeed, before the resting, relaxing times can begin!

To start off the festive cheer and month long celebrations, here is my annual appreciation - The Christmas Card Homage! Last year saw the first of my homages, to the great John Baldessari and this year will see the dedication to the wonderfully talent artist Dirk Stewen. I have been a momentous fan of Stewen's work and with a truly stunning show this year at Maureen Paley, it just consolidated all that I adore about his practice. 

So with this in mind, 2014 see's me produce two Limited Edition Cards. Each card's source material is classically festive, but hand drawn in pencil and toned with watercolours, in that signature Stewen style! The cards are produced in an limited edition of 40 + AP's (each card in an edition of 20) and each one is signed on the back. I will be posting the cards out this week, so a massive thank you to all the people I have worked with this year, may it continue for many years to come.

Homage to Stewen "Mistletoe, 2014" Mixed Media, Pencil,Watercolour, 2014
Homage to Stewen "Robin, 2014" Mixed Media, Pencil,Watercolour, 2014

Keep looking for more updates on exciting things happening this month and plans for 2015...

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Follow Your Nose To Paris, SPBH Book Club VI - The Sweet Smell Of Smoke At Off Print

I am very happy to say that as Paris Photo opens to the crowds, my new publication, SPBH Book Club Volume VI will be present with the SPBH Editions at Off Print. So as everyone gets into the Parisian spirit, our new book was today the Book du jour as well as presented on #SPBH Live, demonstrating the performative element to the book. Don't miss out experiencing the smell-o-rama element of the publication in person. You really can't miss it, just follow your nose!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Shift School Of Photography

What a wonderful three days! London to Berlin to Dresden and back, to teach at the newly opened Shift School Of Photography in Dresden. Founded by the incredibly talented Curator, F/STOP Festival Founder and Photography extraordinaire Kristin Dittrich, this school opened for the first time with an intense 5 teacher, 5 days workshop, with participants that came from all over Germany and even further a field! 

It was an excellent few days, with German efficiency really assisting everything along. It seems the stereotype is true, German transport is something to be reckoned with, not only is it on time, for both arrivals and departures, it is also cheap!!! This is something as a native Englishwomen, I could only dream of having one day.

The school itself is situated in the wonderful city of Dresden. Within high ceilings, every corner you turn is another collection of artist books and inspiration. The light that floods into the teaching rooms highlights each and every curvature of the space, there is an overwhelming sense of calm and inspiration, probably one of the nicest places I have taught in for a long time. 

The entire experience was truly fantastic and I can't wait to return to teach again soon, keep a watch out for future workshops, pop-up spaces and the schedules, this School is going to be offering something very special.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

London - Berlin - Dresden - Berlin - London

I am very, very excited to announce that I will be heading off to Berlin early tomorrow morning to make the journey down to Dresden to the newly opened Shift School Of Photography, where I shall be conducting a 1 day, intensive workshop around Found Material, part of the first course prepared by the school - a 5 day workshop with 5 tutors!

The Shift School of Photography is pioneered through concept, enabling students to be taught in a manner whereby they choose their specialist field. From curation, written, making to collecting, each course is delivered by tutors that see Photography in all its guises and have a distinct specialism in their own practice. 

See more here about the school and keep up to date with all the news:

SPBH Book Club VI in 291 Art World Magazine

Very nice to see that my new book, SPBH Book Club Volume VI is being viewed far and wide, including in this excellent Chinese based magazine, 291 Art World, based in Shanghai. The magazine has a collection of very interesting contributors including, Li Zhenhua and Lu Pingyuan.

This current issue is jampacked with articles, reviews and interviews with many publishers, curators and shows a varied collection of publications including the much anticipated Chinese Photobook By Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren, of which the wonderful Silvermine books, by fellow collaborator Thomas Sauvin are part of! Other SPBH examples include the excellent Esther Teichmann and Johan Rosenmunthe's books. It's great to have my new book in such wonderful company which includes great friends.