Friday, 22 January 2016

Critic's Choice - 'In Santa Monica, Photography That Likes To Break The Rules' - LA Times

"Ever since the earliest photographic technologies, bushwhackers have willfully deviated from marked trails, but never, it seems, have more renegades tweaked convention than in the past decade or two. Digital processes have dematerialized photography, and artists have taken it upon themselves to rematerialize it in inventive, idiosyncratic ways."

Very, very pleased to see that my current group exhibition at ROSEGALLERY has been selected as the Critic'c Choice in the LA Times. The article talks of the exhibition, "Her First Meteorite, Volume 2" at the gallery and Leah Ollman writes about the show.

It articles details, "Melinda Gibson and Thomas Sauvin's "Lunar Caustic" images are the oddly urgent consequences of an act of rescue followed by an act of violation. The prints, made from a salvaged archive of Chinese vernacular negatives, have been bathed in acid, distorting their hues and tones, freckling the surfaces with rusty spots. The records have been preserved, only to be handed over to the forces of entropy."

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Getting Ready For 2016, Texts, Talks & Chemically Stained Fingertips - The Next Chapter.

So 2016 has arrived and I can't believe just how quickly the time is going already, how can November be booked up. Before I know it, I'll be preparing Christmas Cards and writing my wish list to Mr Claus himself! 2015 was an extraordinary year, with many exciting exhibitions and adventures and I have a distinct feeling that 2016 is going to be no different - just the way I like it.

2016 kicks off with talks and lectures. I am very pleased to be continuing my lecturing at Camberwell College of Art, but will also be doing some one off talks around the country at different universities; my first this year will be the wonderful Bournemouth University.

I am very pleased to say that I will be talking at The Photographers' Gallery in February, to the launch a new magazine, Co-Curate, where I contributed a piece of writing to the project. This new limited edition magazine is co-curated by Isabelle Evertse and Aaron Schuman, taking the idea of collaboration and pairing off writers with artists. More coming on the launch and the surrounding events soon.

And very, very, very excitingly, I have another set of Lunar Caustic images awaiting me, as another 300, 000 negatives get sent for my perusal - I can't wait!!! More to come on the next chapter, but I eagerly await the delivery and prepare my hands for the Silver Nitrate!

Monday, 21 December 2015

A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Every year I pick up my paint brushes, pencils and sit down before all the festivities start, to make my Limited Edition Christmas cards, and this year is no different. Based on a homage to a great artist, thinker or creative that I have found to be inspirational for that year, 2015's cards are based on the wonders that are Joseph Cornell.  

Creating an edition of 75 cards, I created 3 designs entitled, Constellation Ballerina, Reindeer Leap and Princess Christmas, all cards have now been sent and received, I wonder which one you received! 

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a magical Christmas. I hope that it is filled with much happiness and it has been an absolute pleasure working with all and I thoroughly look forward to what 2016 brings. Let's raise a glass to 2015 and await the excitement of 2016!

Installation Shots - "Her First Meteorite Volume 2"

I am delighted to currently be exhibiting in ROSE GALLERY's second installation, Her First Meteorite, Volume II, a selection of process based photographs that features the work of seven artists. The exhibition will be on view from 12 December 2015 through 6 February 2016. 

By stepping outside traditional processes to rediscover the photographic medium, Melinda Gibson, Kenneth Graves, Yoko Kanayama, and Summer Mann, utilize secondary processes and photographic collage in order to blur the boundaries of selfidentity and complicate the understanding of contemporary cultures. By focusing on the use of details and multiple layers within the photographic process, Gibson, Graves, Kanayama and Mann bring to light the socio-cultural narratives within the historical and contemporary urban landscape.
Here are some installation shots of this wonderful show. More information can be found on the gallery website here:

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

New Exhibition Opening Reception On 12th Dec. 'Her First Meteorite Volume 2' At ROSEGALLERY

I am absolutely delighted to be exhibiting in the second volume of the much inspired show at ROSEGALLERY, Her First Meteorite, Volume 2, which opens on Saturday 12th December.

Presenting the second installment of Her First Meteorite, a selection of process based photographs that features the work of seven artists: Dirk Braeckman, James Gallagher, Melinda Gibson & Thomas Sauvin, Ken Graves, Yoko Kanayama, Summer Mann and Sebastian Riemer. The exhibition will be on view from 12 December 2015 through 6 February 2016. 
From experimenting with light sensitivities of unconventional photographic papers, to repurposing salvaged negatives, the use of secondary processes within Her First Meteorite, Volume II, challenges the boundaries of the medium of photography. By allowing the works to enter the world of the surreal, this exhibition invites the viewer to question the identity of the visuals presented.
Read more here and don't miss this beautiful show -

Opening This Saturday 12th December - The Fishbar Photo Market Is Back In Full Swing!

I am excited to be taking part in this years annual Fishbar Photo Market, opening its door on Saturday the 12th December! Every year the Fishbar, based in Dalston Lane opens it doors for a photo market that brings together publishers, artists and photobook fanatics to enjoy all the delights that are on offer. From Chris Steele-Perkins, Morel, to Inge Morath to SPBH Editions, I am very excited to be taking part and show casing all my publications alongside three pieces of my new series. 

Open daily from 11am from the 12th December, running through to the 20th, it is surely going to be a fun filled, festive following of photobook fanatics!

See more here -

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Streamed Live, In Conversation, Now Available

If you didn't manage to get along to TPG on Monday afternoon or forgot to stream the talk live, do not worry as the video is now available to see on The Photographers' Gallery YouTube Channel, in this link here -

It is best to watch from 15m46s, as the first 15 minutes are behind the scenes. In someways it is like watching a silent movie, but without an dramatic chorus or music to elevate our speech! 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation which brought up some key issues around the idea of audience interaction, performance and what the medium of the photobook can be. More video's available from the other talks, all part of the SPBH Business As Usual - Week residency at TPG.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

In Conversation - The Photographers' Gallery - Monday 23rd November From 16:00 pm

To celebrate the launch of the new SPBH Book, published by Aperture, Self Publish Be Happy: A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto, I am very pleased to announce that I will be doing an, 'In Conversation' with Mr Bruno Ceschel, part of the Self Publish Be Crafty - Business As Usual Residency at The Photographers' Gallery on Monday 23rd November from 16:00 pm. We will also be joined by a young artist, former student of ours, from the Camberwell College of Art, Liam Magee. It looks to be a great afternoon, discussing our practice and of course the notion of the book.

Here is a little excerpt about the book, which features my first publication, The Photograph As Contemporary Art.

"An economic and cultural revolution has shaken the photobook world in the last five years: self-publishing. An army of photographers operating as publishers have had an instrumental role in today’s photobook renaissance. This book offers a do-it-yourself manual and a survey of key examples of self-published success stories, as well as a self-publishing manifesto and list of resources."

Don't miss a week of exciting events, talks, parties and more. To reserve a place at the talks, please click here -

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Installation Shots From 'Her First Meteorite' Exhibition At ROSE GALLERY - Santa Monica

Absolutely delighted to be showing with ROSE Gallery in their latest exhibition, Her First Meteorite, an exhibition examining unique photographic collages by Carolle BenitahJames GallagherMelinda GibsonKen GravesStéphanie SolinasAnnegret Soltau, and Grete Stern. The mixed media collages will be on view from 26 September through 28 November 2015.

These are the installation shots from the show, courtesy of the Gallery. It you are State side, be sure to make a visit to see this beautiful curated exhibition, I only wish I could be there too!

Friday, 2 October 2015

ASX Interview, Italian Vogue, TIME Lightbox, Elephant Magazine & Ultravie - Press From Unseen

As the weeks fly by, it is great to see that the work has been attracting some good attention from a wide range of editorials and press. Thomas and I had a great interview with American Suburb X (ASX) which really delved into the mechanics of what it is to work in collaboration, a nice nod to one of our works in Italian Vogue, being mentioned twice in the TIME lightbox - 10 Things to do at Unseen Photo Fair, as well as a lovely article in Elephant Magazine about 5 Booths to Watch at Amsterdam's Unseen Photo Fair as well as Ultravie! You can see some of the press here in the links below.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Unseen Photo Fair Adventures

I can't quite believe that this time last two weeks ago, I was preparing for Unseen, the time is going so fast, it is difficult to keep up with what day is which! Unseen was a huge success and an absolute delight, as it always is. There really is something about this Photo Fair, that I thoroughly enjoy, much more than any other. Maybe it's the warm, Dutch ways, the wonderful city or just the environment that surrounds it, but it always attracts an interesting and articulate crowd, that when I leave, I have a refreshed, inspired and excited feeling, ready to take back to London town.

The five day trip was jammed packed with events, starting with the Meijburg & Co Commission Award, which was awarded to Anouk, (very well deserved) with ample glasses of Champagne at Flowers Gallery to set the tone for a very enjoyable evening. The days and nights fell into one, with talks here, receptions there with great dinners in between. I think a great many glasses of Champagne where had, wonderful conversations with curators and friends alike, with an interlude of dancing with the Kessels Kramer crew into the early hours! Now that Mr Erik, knows how to host and throw a party.

Before we could even start to relax, it was time to prepare for Thomas and I's talk with ASX, with an early morning session on the notion of collaboration. The talk brought together some key ideas that surround this notion, the idea of the management of an ego, to the idea of an artist as an interdisciplinary portal. It certainly stirred up some ideas with a nice touch of humour and honesty packed in too!

It was, as ever, an excellent fair with some brilliant talks, people and artworks, I am already looking forward to the next edition.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Her First Meteorite At ROSE GALLERY - Opening Reception On Saturday 26th September 6-8pm

I am delighted to announce my forthcoming exhibition with ROSE GALLERY in Santa Monica opening on Saturday 26th September, 6 - 8pm.

Her First Meteorite, a group exhibition presents a selection of unique photographic collages by Carolle Benitah, James Gallagher, Melinda Gibson, Ken Graves, Stéphanie Solinas, Annegret Soltau, and Grete Stern.

Found, sliced and assembled, the photographic collage establishes experimental and introspective forms through the combination of familiar and obscure images. The montages from the various artists each evoke a distinct entry into surreal worlds, bound together by connected and intertwined photographs. With found objects and images, the spontaneity of discovery and combination counters the intricacy of the details in the works.

More information about the show and artists can be found here-

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